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From prep to plate to the secrets of our chefs. Let’s hop into our kitchen and eggsplore all the magic that goes behind your delicious food! We take care of all your needs, from clean spaces to hygienic food – you have nothing to worry about!

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Signature Breakfasts

Meal Omelettes / Scrambles / Egg Rolls

Vegetarian Breakfast

Pancakes / Waffles / French Toasts

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Brunch Eggsperiences

100% Customisable & Made-to-Order

If you’d like to place a party order or enquire about catering, we’re all ears! We provide 100% customisable brunch eggsperiences that are totally made to order.

Whether you’re having a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate event or just want to order any of our food in bulk, we’re more than happy to help with our request!

Either contact us through this form or call us directly to discuss.

Our Specialties

Omelette florentine

Peri peri paneer omelette

Italian reve omelette

Mezze Lebanese omelette

Peri peri chicken omelette

Full English breakfast

Italian reve omelette

Superstar combo

5 Spices Noice

Honey bee chic

American dream scramble

Deekra’s delight omelette

Popeyes secret

Fat popeye

Chicken makhanwala scramble

Crack Into Perfection With Our Farm-fresh Eggs!

We use the most assorted and fresh eggs that are delivered every morning. Our ingredients, including fresh, assorted eggs, make all the difference!
We only serve the best quality food you can count on.

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