About Yolkshire
The idea for your egg-specialty restaurant was actually conceived a decade ago or so. And a couple of years back it shaped-up into ‘Yolkshire’.

As a prospective national and international chain, ‘Yolkshire’ envisions popularising the egg as an all-day meal option, taking it beyond the breakfast table. With its immense versatility, the team believes that the egg lends itself to such ambitious plans.


Combining taste with health comes naturally to eggs and so to ‘Yolkshire’ too. We simply add to it the amazing creativity of our Chefs and our hygienic handiwork. And voila! After just a short while in town ‘Yolkshire’ is already being touted as the best in the business by its customers. After all, it is not for nothing that most they keep coming back to us & our eggs.

‘Yolkshire’ is not just another restaurant; it is an egg parlour, where we serve you the best-dressed eggs. Owned by Yolkshire Foods and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., ‘Yolkshire’ is planning on a few more ‘eggular hangouts’ in Pune and just for you so, start counting your chickens while our eggs hatch!!!

Chicken Hatchers
Varad Deshpande

The Co-founder, Director and CEO of Yolkshire - Varad - is a graduate in Business Administration from the University of Pune. He was appointed CEO in 2009, at the relatively young age of 18.

The concept of Yolkshire as an egg-specialty restaurant was conceptualized by Vinod Shastri and Varad together, and ever since its realization, Varad has been its strongest and surest pillar. Having broken the stereotype in Pune's restaurant business Varad now looks to establish Yolkshire as a franchisee business around the world, running it in a standardized and systematic manner. He works to see Yolkshire as a world-renowned Indian brand.

A former Tennis player, Varad constantly works towards continually improving the various processes in the organisation.